The Rescuers

It was barely twenty-minutes. I woke up from a sickly afternoon nap after nursing a temperature of 39.4 degrees. The temperature went down a little after the nap and it was really a good sleep therapy. I was immersing in the delight of recovery when there came a panicky knock on the door.

I opened the door only to find two little Malay boys in their school attire. They were frantic and tried to utter some words to me. After they caught their breathe and composed themselves, they told me to look at my kitchen. I turned my head in horror, to find that my terror-of-the-house had started another circus stunt of hers – she crept out of the kitchen windown and did a nice pole walk on my quilt hung nicely out to sun. The lure was the brown pigeon which seemed oblivious to the bird-eating machine approaching it.

However, that wasn’t the cause of panic. The quilt may be sprawled over two bamboo poles, it was not well pegged and may just give way anytime. I live on the third floor and quite apparently, the kids saw the cat performing this i-want-to-eat-the-bird acrobatic stunt from where they were and panicked. It wasn’t before long that one of the pegs gave way and there was a scream from below. I looked down from the window and saw the most hilarious sight.

There were another four boys and a girl below. They were each holding a corner of a spread-out jacket reminiscent of a safety net which fire-fighters use to ensure safe plunges. Amongst the screams, they were cursing one another for getting out of the right spot which they predicted the cat would land should she fall.

I had to contain my laughter. I tapped on the food dish twice and the cat made way into the house safely.

I could almost feel the earth heave a huge sigh of relief. I told the kids to stay put and I made way down with the two malay boys. After that, I rounded them up and took them to the provision shop and bought every kid a Cornato ice cream cone. I told each of them I was very touched by the kindness they showed when they witnessed the cat in “distress” and the springing into immediate hilarious action (which was pretty sensible if you ask me). I was still giggling but was genuinely impressed. I told them they had done a great job and encouraged them to always keep this righteousness in their hearts before hurrying them to be on their way home.

I was sure they would have a good story to tell the day after in class, being the heros of the day, and I am more certain that everytime they pass by my block, they will look up to see if the cat is up to another stunt or not. But what I am really assured of, is if ever my cat ever tries the suicidal act again, these heros will be all ready to spring into action again – without a shadow of doubt.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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