The Baby Owl

I did a stupid thing this evening after work. I locked myself outside the house while watering the shrubs and was forced to stay out topless in the cool night. I could not believe the way I swore at it, and following which I rang my father to bring the spare set of keys over so that I can unlock the door.

While waiting for my father, I heard this squawking sound coming from the nearby bush. Since I had nothing better to do, I found my way to the bush and crawled in the check what the fuss was. To my surprise, I saw a little nestling stuck in the bush, with one of its little wings entangled in the complex branching system of the shrub. There were no trees around, so it could not be possible that the nestling dropped off the nest. So I picked it up and wanted to bring it home. Before I could stand up properly, a neighbourhood cat came prowling. If I had missed the bird just ten seconds later, it would have became a delectable supper for the cat.

Moments later, my father came. He is a feathered animal zealot and immediately recognized this nestling as a barn owl. He put it in the box and took it away, all prepared to send the bird to the Bird Park the next day – and if he would to be turned away, the bird will find a home in his apartment – at least till it is matured.

While waving my dad goodbye as he drove off, I suddenly realized why life made it such that I was locked out of my house at the very moment. Why I was made to wait outside, hear the squawking sound timely and then picked it up just before the cat came by. I also realized why of all people I rang my dad – of whom is only one of the few people who have keys to my house. Everything is sequentially planned.

I was whining and swearing about being locked out and time wasted. It turned out that life had made it one of the most meaningful moments of late in my life – that by wasting a few moments, I created a future for a living thing.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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