I picked up photography lately and thanks to my new mobile phone which captures images brilliantly. Being an amateur, I started taking photos of all sorts, particularly scenic, picturesque ones, and then do an analysis on how each composition can be made better. After some time, I came to a realization that sun rises and sun sets are some of the easiest photos to take – because they are naturally beautiful. The worse ones are those taken in the mid noon sun or at night, when light is glared beyond belief or marred by the shadowy clouds respectively – a good photo will thus become a feat. Therefore we tend to walk away from this “unsuitability” and focus on the ‘wows’ of sun rises and sun sets because they give rise to beautiful images.

I want to share some sentiments on this but yet my mind is blank for some reasons. Maybe it was the late nights. Maybe not. But one thing perhaps I can express is that, never be afraid to find the jewel in the mud – sometimes it is in the bleakest hope that we find the biggest miracle, and in the worse weather we find shelter. Afternoon suns are glaring and provide the technical disadvantage to photography – and it is only when the courage of the photographer who sees beyond the comfort and suitability that will capture one of the best photos during this time – and perhaps even more brilliant than the very common dusk-and-dawn ones.

To those who will eventually become teachers – I hope that they will pick up the courage to take a nice picture of the many many afternoon suns they will come across in life – and in doing so, make a difference in them to the world.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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