Parting Message For My Students

It was indeed a very painful decision to step out of where I was and move on in life, leaving things half done, lessons half taught and values half imparted. But in these years of working with all of you, learning from all of you and sharing my life stories with all of you, I never had a moment of dullness – in fact, they form part of the best times in my life as an educator. Such has become some of the most wonderful memories in my life.

But life sometimes has its way to create fonder memories, and one such way, is parting. As I step out of the campus gate, I found that I have not left any of you many things to bring into the future, maybe a pinch of knowledge or two; a sound advice or two; or even maybe to see the world a little better, just a wee better. However, I hope these little things will be able to give all of you some perspectives in life, that things are never one sided. It depends on how you perceive them based on perspectives, subjectivity and usually measured by logic and rationality,

For one last time, I would like to share with all of you, that sometimes the wisest moments in decision making, is never about using your mind. While we see with our eyes, hear with our ears and rationalize with our mind, let the process of decision making always go through your heart. Recall what your parents taught you during the first ten years in your life and use them as underlying principles to make a judgement or a decision. You will not be far from being right.

Remember also to always choose to see the good in people, always choose to accept people for who they are, their qualities, their flaws and most importantly, always remember that we are all different. We must never assume people to be righteous or good only when they are the same as us. We must allow them to live their lives as they choose to, and along the way understand every footprint they made and then, comprehend their existence in life. Only then, you will be able to grasp the meaning of happiness – when you embrace empathy over prejudice.

Finally, a simple lyrical sentence in one of Whitney Houston’s songs for all of you to keep in heart closely and bring forward to life – “And if by chance that special place, you’ve been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love.”

Always be thankful to your parents, love your friends well, forgive those who err against you and cherish life to the fullest. I wish all of you the best in life.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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