I taught some students Orienteering today at the sports complex. I taught the boys how to use a compass and asked for them to find a particular direction then walk 30 paces then halt. I would then comment on their accuracy in their orienteering. One by one, the boys headed off, with compasses in their hands, they slowly sauntered towards the direction which their compasses led them – pace after pace – eyes tagged on the compass to make sure their would not go off course.

After the seventh boy completed the task, the whole group of boys stood in the middle of the field, all scattered apart. They were puzzled. They were unable to comprehend why they could not reach the designated point despite following their compasses’ directions.

I gathered the group of them beside me and told them, “Because you did not use your eyes to see where you are going and followed blindly the directions given to you by your compass.”

How many a times life showed us a way, yet we did not believe in our eyes to find directions, trusting on the compasses given to us by other people, walking the so-called “right direction”. There is a reason why our eyes are put before us to see the paths ahead. The group of boys relied on a compass which directions were only accurate if they looked hard on where they were heading and not where it was pointing.

I told the boys that looking at where they were heading is important because visions bring us far in life, not the “right” directions. I left them scratching their heads – probably had no clue in what I wanted to share. I smiled and assured them it didn’t matter. I asked them to remember well what I shared with them this faithful afternoon. One day, they will understand.


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i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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