Email Dated 16 July 2009


Just thought I’d pop you an early email hopefully to find you well rested and all jived up for this day.

I did have quite a nice sleep though waking up at 4.45am for a quick while then back to snooze. But I had quite a not so nice dream.

Dreamt was in my father’s white bumpy car. My dad was driving and we were traveling along Mandai Road, towards the direction of the zoo and the Seletar Reservoir on my left. As we passed the old Seletar watch tower, the car suddenly lost its brakes function and my dad was swirling the car frantically. There were only two of us in the car and the car headed for a huge metal container (silver grey coloured) planted beside the road on my side. I can remember my dad was shouting as the car went crashing straight into the huge container.

And at the point of contact, it was all silence and there was a flash after which i was suddenly was brought over to Angkor Thom, the very moment at the Bayon Temple when you sat down and drew the pretty portrait of one of its mounted stone faces with your black ink pen. You had already completed the sketching and asked me if it was nice, and I told you yes of course then I asked you to keep the sketch properly and never ever forget this day. Then you smiled. And I woke up.

People say that at certain crucial and concluding moments of their lives, they will capture and remember the people most important, most significant, and the closest to heart to them.

And last night, albeit a nightmarish encounter in an illusionary world, I didn’t remember my kins or folks. I remembered you.

I am very happy I did.

Have a good day, and you know you are always in thoughts.



About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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