A Cup of Coffee

Siting by the glass window and looking at the rain pelt on the world can be a very therapeutic experience. As I take some time to sip the coffee at hand, I suddenly realised it was such an excellent cup of coffee. And I was a little astonished that I have never known that despite having it every morning.

Every morning, this cup of coffee sees me through work. My regular sips while doing my daily emailing, paperwork and proposals helped me to stay focused and adding on to that, it more than often took away my hunger pangs if I sweetened it a little.

Today, I didn’t do any of those office chores while drinking the coffee. I merely sat down and looked at the dribbling rain drops. And while doing nothing, I tasted the coffee as it is. And I found out, it is very different from what it tasted like in the past. I began to wonder why.

Then I realised, it was not about the coffee. It has always remained as a constancy. The variable is the factor that made the coffee tasted better. And this variable, is that today, I was mindful that I am having this cup of coffee. In the past weeks, the coffee was only a side-kick, never made its way significant to my palate even when I had several sips over and over again. Today I drank the coffee knowing I am drinking the coffee. Thus, I was able to enjoy the true flavour of the coffee. And this made the difference.

Sometimes we do many things without realising that certain things need a closer touch in order that we can receive their magic. Things, chores and even people, deserves our mindfulness. Only then we can punctuate our lives, make it stop for a moment and enjoy the sequence, the environment, the people and the emotions given to us at their true essence.

The next time a friend calls you, stop your emailing, halt your work, sit back and listen to his or her morning greeting and regards. You will realise, it can bring you a genuine smile.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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