The Little Crab

I remember this month last year when I was in Tioman Island for a short getaway with a close friend. We were being spoiled by the clear waters and the pristine beaches, with a snorkeling reef to the envy of many.

On one of the sunny afternoons while lazing on the beach, we saw some little crittering crabs sprawled around the beach. My friend turned mischievous and started to throw stones at a few of them. The little crabs started running for their lives in all directions. I laughed at my friend’s failed attempt to hit any of his ‘targets’. To prove me wrong, he decided he must at least get one of the small crabs, so he targeted at specifically one.

The little crustacean ran for its life, as fast as it could. My friend picked a big stone and ran towards it. At that moment, I realized it is no longer funny. I wanted to tell him to forget about it and spare the little crab but was very apprehensive that the statement would deconstruct the diplomacy we had in this trip – after all I was the one who laughed at him.

Before I could say anything, the stone landed on the crab. By the time I picked up the stone, the little crab lay lifelessly on my hands.

If there is one thing I would not forgive myself for not being righteous at the right time, it would be this little crab and the incident at the beach on Tioman Island. I should have voiced out my disagreement to kill the little crab for our entertainment, even if there is the possibility of displeasure between me and my friend. The incident has been hitting on my conscience since that very day and no creatures big or small, should have their lives depleted in the form of our entertainment.

I still remembered the little crab and how it laid motionless on my hands. It was all just fun but also a regret I will bring with me till the end of my life journey.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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