The Caterpillar

While waiting for my ride to an anticipated dinner at the bus stop, I saw a little caterpillar on the ground, attacked by an army of ants. The wretched thing twisted from left to right haplessly as the ants started their attack on their new found palate. As I watched nature take its course. the caterpillar seemed to cry out to me for help, because there was incidentally no one else of its kind at the particular moment to be of aid. I hesitated – touching a filthy caterpillar was not really a wise thing to do prior to dinner. However, the urge to help the creature kept resounding in my mind and it did not seem to come from its cry, but from something beyond me – a Greater being, who put compassion in my heart the day I was born.

Thus, I extended my hands, picked up the caterpillar, removed the few ants etched to it, and slowly placed it on a leaflet on a bush behind the bus stop. The little creature wriggled a little, then continued its way to a better shelter for the night.

After the simple ordeal, I felt good. Not that I have done good to another living being – but I answered a calling at that moment, a calling that was born into me. And it is a privilege to be able to be a chosen one, at that moment, to be the angel of a creature which was in need. Sometimes it takes the biggest angel to bring the tiniest comfort and happiness to any being. Hence, I have learnt never to take it for granted whenever I receive a reason to smile or to enjoy a dose of bliss.

I hope to see a new butterfly or moth flutter around my neighbourhood soon. I know it will be a most lovely one.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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