I Don’t Want To See Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I do not believe in Santa Claus.
Not for the fact that reindeers really cannot fly, but I always have this doubt that how his little sack can contain presents for all the people who believe in him. Even if each present is the size of a grain of sand, that bag still would not be big enough to contain all of it. And of course, how did he manage to go round the world in less than 12 hours, and amazingly for him to squeeze through the Chimney to get down into the houses… given his voluptuous size.
Back to the reindeers – Listen to the song “Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer”, I find it quite disturbing because it speaks of how this reindeer with a blinking red nose was ostracized by the other normal ones, but because Santa saw good in him as the lead reindeer (probably he knew he doesn’t need headlights for his sleigh), the others adore him. It is sending the wrong message, the way Hans C Anderson sent the wrong message in the Ugly Duckling – only when you are a swan that people see the good in you.
But it is not just the cynical me. Looking at all the lights, the season’s mood, the food and family gatherings, I wonder why each day cannot be reminiscent of Christmas. Why do we not feel the same hunger and anticipation to be with our loved ones and need that special day to put things in perspective – the same way why we need Thanksgiving to give us a reason to fly home from work far away to be with our kins, when the thought does not arise in perhaps the hot summer months when there is no Christmas or Thanksgiving. This is something I don’t quite understand – the reliance of a message or purpose brought about by a festive season to propel us to conform to the need to “love” and “share”.
So Santa Claus and Rudolf are out for me. Not because of they are so unreal but they are delivering not just presents but wrong messages. Children around the world love Santa because he gives presents. That is a blatant fact. We don’t love and adore people because they give presents, especially presents from Santa, which came with a wrong message. And it is easy to picture a kid opening a present and saw not what he or she wants and then burst into tears. Poor Santa, he’d be a no more to the kid unless dad forks out the dough to buy the ‘correct’ present. And dad will be loved until he gets the same Boo Boo of buying the wrong present.
Santa should deliver the right messages, not the right presents. We have been made to believe that he will give you what you want – so he deserve that global adoration. This should not be the message of Christmas. Can you imagine if one day Santa comes by, and say “Hey son, no pressies, just a good warm hug this time.” – “Bye old man, the exit’s that way.”
And of course, I don’t think good of Santa Claus also because I thought he need to be more… let’s say ‘professional’. The last thing I’d like to see is my mommy kissing and tickling Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe ‘last night’, I would certainly not hope if Daddy has only seen. I have enough of family woes.

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