Extra Few Minutes

I was in the office late in the evening last night and my loved one come online through the web messenger. Despite having an official end-work timing at 5.30pm, I would linger in office till 7.00pm and spend just a few moments to say hello over the messenger. And occasionally my loved one will ask for the company of a few minutes more to chat and the few minutes will very often stretch to an hour or so. This was a usual daily arrangement should we not be able to catch up in person due to perhaps our mismatching schedules.

Last night a colleague who was on her overtime work saw me from a distance and came up to me to check if I was alright because I was smiling constantly to the screen. She also inquired why I often stay back till that late and not head home given a very comfortable early evening closure for the day.

So I told her that my partner asked for a few more minutes to chat and talk over the messenger and we just had such a good conversation that it went on and on.

She said I was nice to linger for an hour or so to wait for this opportunity to talk online, and even more so to give more time into the night to talk, instead of heading home, or to the gymnasium for a workout or even to catch up with drinking buddies. However she thought it was getting late, and after a long hard day, I could always catch up another day when time is more rightful or permissive. She told me to pack up and go off for an enjoyable evening. After which, we wished me well and went off.

I remembered when I was young and babysat by my late grandmother, she would take me to the bus stop to wait for my parents to pick me up after work. And she will always bring me there five minutes ahead of time and would sit beside me and tell me a story while waiting for my parents to come by. And these additional five minutes by the bus stop, over my childhood years, have carved out some of my most precious and invaluable memories of her. And without these extra five minutes, I would never be able to recall my grandmother the way I do now, decades after her departure and still kept that wonderful memory of a gentle old lady telling me a tale every day by the roadside. And all these, were attributed to the extra few minutes she gave me. I am thankful for that.

So in return, I hope these few minutes after work chatting online with my loved one, will do the same magic to us, as that of my late grandma had done to me. And when we look back into our lives many years down the road, we will realize how the ‘extra few minutes’ we spent, would have written itself another beautiful chapter of story to our life.

Henceforth, when your loved one or children ask for a few more minutes to spend with you and before dismissing the request for any reasons, think a little harder, try a little harder and do your best to give them that priority and say yes even during your busiest days. Those few minutes, may over time, create some of your fondest life memories.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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