I often find myself thinking of the power of encounters.

Being more of a logical person, and looking at our entire living entity, the immediate overview would be a very complex and florid world comprising of almost uncountable number of beings co-existing in the same dimension. But amidst this uncountable numeral, people encounter one another through an intended connection or simply by the stroke of luck. Looking back on how I encounter you, and how even much easier for me not to encounter you, such fateful vectors are indeed not easy to draw upon. In fact, this reliance of opportune for our encounter, is as complex how a calculus mathematical formula works. Complex, but logical, and totally reliant on the right time, right place and right trigger

We may not oversee the impact of all the encounters we have, or had at the moment when they happen. More than often we make preferences and judge using the perceptions through the windows of our soul. However, when people get together, there is so much going on beyond our eyes, beyond what one sometimes can realize or even comprehend. And it made me think about what happened when minds should connect, and what happens when hearts open to give affection and to receive in return. To think about what the result could be if that sort of connections remains, gives me a very tangible feeling of hope for the human relationships and the faith that it encompasses.

Though I cannot predict the future, I get a hunch that when initiatives like this take place, coming from genuine hearts, sharing and expressing, becoming part of creation and ascertaining that change is on its way to happen.

One of the peak moments in my life, was an opportunity to visit Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, some many years ago. And the invaluable captivation from these moments are easy to get, even visually, when one becomes opened to be touched by the African Elephants, for the opportunity to witness how they walk, as compared to the beings in our civilization, how the Elephants walk together.

“If you want to go fast, walk alone. But if you want to go far, walk together”, so a saying of the South Africans goes.

Let’s hope too we can walk together, regardless of what we see of each other, what we hear of each other or what we understand of each other. Let our journey be not dependable on these, but to cherish this encounter we had, by accepting the opportune, embracing its power and putting our faith on how we feel through our hearts for each other.


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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