A Valentine’s Day Email To A Friend

My Dear Friend,

I actually want to put this up as an open note on Facebook but on second thoughts I have decided to dedicate the time and wisdom to draft this note solely for you instead.

Facebook is all funny – and every day I seem to be a disaster machine with many interesting things to tell. My friends often dropped me text and messages to ask why I was always fussed with the little things happening around me, like a fly buzzing around or an overdose of fried chicken for dinner, I would see it as some enormous impacts in my daily routines. The fact is, they are not.

In my life, I have to deal with big things at work, and I would dare say much bigger things than the average layman. I have to shoulder big responsibilities to keep the entities under my charge going and the people whom which I am responsible for their livelihood. And there is also an emotional burden which I have chosen not to show anymore. So these are not minorities in my being.

But over the months, I have come to realized that the state of mind in a person is not about him or her being strong, but rested on one’s attitude. And attitude can be formulated by enjoying the bliss that is constantly beaming around us, like a plate of cockles, the smile of a friend, the silly act of trying to barge into the mrt station by tapping an ATM card or simply sitting on bird poo and then screaming one’s life off etc. These things, as incomprehensible as they seem to us, are the miracles of God, if you know how to see them in a different light – because with a tweak, they bring laughter. These things, are the little things in life.

We frown upon the woes and sorrows which will inevitably happen in our lives. They are fixtures, we cannot evade. I have had terrible times myself, to the verge of seeing if it was worthwhile even to live at one stage. But the thing that made me change my mind, was that in my absence, what will happen to those who are reliant to the routines I created for them. Then I realized, in many ways, our lives are intertwined to not only people dependable on us, but by things, beasts and people in the darkness we do not know – in other words, the little things. And they exist because of our existence.

My Chicken Pot Pie exploded in the microwave today – I become the embarrassment of the entire office – nuclear testing I call it. Much as a small matter, people around me laughed at the sad plight – joyfully. The pantry ladies found pleasantries teaching me how to microwave and my subordinates showed compassion by dashing to the nearby and got me a tuna pie. These things, the little things, are made to happen by God – to put people together , gave them laughter and to make life gleam.

So in all sadness and hardship, I hope you too will be able to see more of these little things, and the blessings given to you as a person. Because you are loved and thought of, even by a stranger like me, and I am sure you will rest more significantly in the minds of your close ones, your friends and many more people out there whom you do not probably even know. Life cannot be a complete bliss – this is how the world manifest and we cannot contest. But whenever we take a wrong turn in life, see it as the emergence of a new adventure. And when we are lost, we will find new directions.

Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest friend, thank you for being my “little thing in life” and not the least, my friend.

Yours always,


About Things That Happened In The Past

i am just an ordinary person waiting for a dream come true.
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